" Not Failure But Low Aim Is Crime "
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The Trust

    Jai Hind Housing Society established in 1951 felt the need to set up an educational institute in the precincts to cater to the needs of their children as the existing schools were at a distance of 4 to 5 kms across the river.  In June 1966,  the  first step taken on the road towards academic progress.  Today Jai Hind Educational Trust has mushroomed into a wide network comprising of four kindergartens, two primary schools, two high-schools, two junior colleges, one senior college and an Institute of Management and Administrative Studies.This is the realization of the vision of our founder Chairman, Adv. Z.B. Patil who passed away on 17th February 2006 at the age of 92.  His missionary zeal, commitment, integrity and task oriented efforts form a legacy, which is handed down from generation to generation of students.

The College
Jai Hind Arts, Science and Commerce College affiliated to the University of Pune was established in June 1982 later it was affiliated to North Maharashtra University , Jalgaon established on 15th Aug. 1990.  In 1982 the student strength was just 250 and today the college stands in a multi-storied, majestic building providing education to more than two thousand and eight hundred students.

Z. B. Patil College, Dhule located in the remotest part of Maharashtra, shares its borders with Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.  Being predominantly a tribal and rural area, it is economically and industrially backward.  In this arid land, Jai Hind College has created an oasis of quality education with a mission to mobilize student’s strength for a healthy democracy.  This is undertaken by inculcating the values of leadership, creativity, aesthetics, citizenship and healthy respect for life and nature.
Within a short period the College came to be known for its academic excellence and it is greatly indebted for its excellence to the immense contribution of the three stalwarts.

The founder Principal Hon. Dr. N.K. Thakare also the founder Vice Chancellor of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon
Hon. Principal Shri N.K. Patil felicitated as the best teacher by the Government of Maharashtra.
Hon. Principal Dr. K.B. Patil who served the college for fifteen years, steered the college through the steady graph. Presently he is Vice Chancellor of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon

The emphasis on research has changed the campus climate of Z. B. Patil College from undergraduate education to a research culture.  The constant encouragement makes the faculty stand out prominently in their field of study. At present there are 86 permanent teachers out of which there are 42 Ph.D. and 17 M.Phil. degree holders. After the Permanent Affiliation (1994) and Recognition under section 12(b) of the UGC (1995), the faculty members have so far completed 44 minor and 6 major research projects funded by UGC, DST and IISc. In addition to these grants the college also received grant under UGC COSIP scheme (2000). The emphasis on academics in the college, always matches excellence in sports, co-curricular and cultural activities for all-round personality development of the students.  The students of Z. B. Patil College top the merit lists of  University examinations, as well as excel in sports at the University, state, national and international events.  They have brought  accolades for the college through their performance in NCC, NSS, Cultural exchange programmes, Youth Festivals, inter-collegiate debating, elocution and other such events.  This has inculcated in them aesthetic values, refined their sensibilities and created social awareness.
The college has contributed substantially in implementing academic and administrative policies of North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon.  The College earned national recognition when it was selected as one of the 11 major grantee colleges across the country to implement the Campus Diversity Initiative Project (CDI) funded by the Ford Foundation in 1995 ( 1995-2001, Grant $80,000).  This was a golden opportunity to nourish social awareness, tolerance, respect and appreciation of diversity to make it a strength of society. Z. B. Patil College further marched towards academic excellence through the Pathways Project (2002-2007, Grant Rs. 22, 50,000/-) under the Foundation for Academic Excellence and  Access, funded by Ford Foundation,USA. Realizing the importance of Human Resource Development, Counselling and Monitoring; the  College encouraged the faculty and the non-teaching staff to undertake training programmes, there by empowering the faculty to conduct group counseling workshops for Study Skills, Communication Skills, Personality Development, Social Skills, Interpersonal Relationships, Vocational guidance etc.  Teaching and Non-teaching staff are motivated to participate in training programmes and workshops on Stress Management, Time Management, Leadership Skills, Internality, Positive Attitude etc.  This has helped to generate a very healthy, interactive and democratic climate on the campus for a sound rapport between all components.  This activity is also extended to the students of Ashram Schools located in the tribal belt of the district. To stride over the many financial constraints, the college realized the need to start self financing courses.  The imperative need of knowledge of IT, Computer  Science, Spoken and Written English skills initiated Certificate and Diploma courses in the above subjects for students.Courses like MSCIT and Spoken English are conducted for teaching, non-teaching staff and students.  Self financial courses like B.B.M, B.Sc. (Biotech, Computer Sci ., IT) and M.Sc.(Maths, Computer Science, IT, Microbiology and Geography) have been introduced. Realizing the value of fine arts and the humanities in this technological age, courses like Sanskrit and Music have been introduced at B.A. to bring out the students’ finer qualities. For the cause of the underprivileged, the college has set up a linkage with the Foundation For Excellence, U.S.A. and 24 students of the college have received financial support of more than Rs. 14,00,000. Efforts were made to obtain donated books from ‘International Book Bank, USA’ worth more than Rs. 10 lacs , from the NRI’s, and also from Canadian Geological survey.  Besides these the teaching and non-teaching staff of the College, with its Alumni Association and students’ co-operative store provides financial support to more than 100 students every year. The bridges built with different industries have led to a very positive change in the campus climate.  This is an effort to provide our students multiple routes towards progression.   Cognizant Technologies, Wipro’s, Syntel (International IT Companies) conducted campus interviews and finally  selected a number of  students.  Mahendra Group of Companies, Kirloskar, Pune and Maruti Udyog, Nasik have also conducted Campus interviews.In 2006, the college was identified by UGC as College with Potential for Excellence under the 10th Plan. It was among the 100 colleges selected in the Ist phase of CPE(Grant Rs. 60 lacs). Physics, Botany, Geology and Languages were identified as Star departments on the basis of their performance in higher education and research activities. The research activities of these Star Performing Departments got a new boost due to the technological support and highly sophisticated equipments purchased. The upgradation of the seven science laboratories of the college under the Infrastructural Grants of UGC (Rs. 35 lacs) enhanced the total infrastructure accelerating the research and academic activities of the college.