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About Trust

Jai Hind Housing Society established in 1951, felt the need to set up an educational institute in the precincts to cater to the needs of their children as the existing schools were at a distance of 2 to 3 kms across the river. In June 1966, the first step taken on the road towards academic progress. Today Jai Hind Educational Trust has mushroomed into a wide network comprising of four kindergartens, two primary schools, two high-schools, two junior colleges and one senior college. This is the realization of the vision of our founder Chairman, Adv. Z.B. Patil who passed away on 17th February 2006 at the age of 92 in office. His missionary zeal, commitment, integrity and task oriented efforts form a legacy, which is handed down from generation to generation of students.

About College

Zulal Bhilajirao Patil College formerly known as Jai Hind Arts, Science and Commerce College affiliated to the University of Pune was established in June 1982 later it was affiliated to North Maharashtra University , Jalgaon established on 15th Aug. 1990. In 1982 the student strength was just 250 and today the college stands in a multi-storied, majestic building providing education to more than two thousand and eight hundred students. Z. B. Patil College, Dhule located in the remotest part of Maharashtra, shares its borders with Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Being predominantly a tribal and rural area, it is economically and industrially backward. In this arid land, Zulal Bhilajirao Patil (Jai Hind) College has created an oasis of quality education with a mission to mobilize student’s strength for a healthy democracy. This is undertaken by inculcating the values of leadership, creativity, aesthetics, citizenship and healthy respect for life and nature. Within a short period the College came to be known for its academic excellence and has established "Jai Hind" as brand name.

Establishment & Affiliation

College Name Jaihind Educational Trust's Zulal Bhilajirao Patil College, Dhule
Established 1982
Goverment Permission No. NGC 3581/6219-UNI.2, Education and Employment Dept Mantralaya Annexe, Bombay 400 032. Dated 14th June 1982. 
University Affiliation

1. Pune University - Letter No. CA 82-83/896 dated 23/08/1982. and CA 82-83/1328-30 dated 5/10/1982.

2. North Maharashtra Univesrity - Letter No. 93/5/A-6/2001/ dated 1 / 3/ 1993 and NMU 93/5/A-6/3446 dates 10/03/1993.

Permanent Affiliation 1994

UGC Recog. under Act 1956

2(f) & 12-B

2(f) - Ref. 8-40/84(CPP-I) dated 11/07/1988

12-B - Ref. 8-27/94(CPP-II) dated 03/02/1995

NAAC Accreditation

I - March 2003 Grade B+.

II - January 2011 Grade B.

Faculties Arts
  Commerce & Managment


Sr. No. Name Designation  

Dr. Arun Zulalrao Salunkhe (M.S., D.O.M.S., F.O.R.C.E)

Renowned Eye Surgeon


Shri. Pramod Gulabrao Patil (B.Sc., L.L.B.)

Administrator and Agriculturist

Vice Chairman

Shri. Pradip Hiraji Bhadane (B.Sc. Hons.)




Shri. Vijay Pitambar Patil (B.Sc., M.L.W. and I.R.)



Shri. Sudhir Subhashchandra Patil (M.Sc.)

Associate Professor


Sau. Pratibhatai Shivajirao Chaudhari (M.A.)

Municipal Corporator (Dhule Corporation)


Shri. Chandrashekhar Vyankatrao Patil (M.E. Civil)

Senior Lecturer


Shri. Ajit Sukdevrao More (B.Sc.)



Shri. Shekhar Ramdas Suryawanshi (B.E. Civil)

Chartered Engineer and Govt. approved Valuer


Dr. Anil Digambar Chaudhari (D.H.M.S.)

Consulting Physician


Adv. Shri. Rajen Natthu Patil (B.A. Hons., L.L.B.)

Practicing Lawyer


Dr. Nilima Himmatrao Patil (M.Sc., Ph.D)

Associate Professor


Sau. Smita Sudhakar Salunkhe (B.Sc., B.Ed.)

Retired Head Mistress


Shri. Vasantrao Onkar Ishi (B.Sc., B.Ed.)

Retired Principal


Shri. Nanabhau Rajsinh Kor (B.A. Hons.)

Retired Administrative Staff


College Developement Committee (As per State University Act, 2016)

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Shri. Sudhir Subhashchandra Patil
2. Dr. Arun Zulalrao Salunkhe
3. Shri. Pramod Gulabrao Patil
4. Shri. Ajit Sukdevrao More
5. Dr. Nilima Himmatrao Patil
6. Shri. Chandrashekhar Vyankatrao Patil
7. Dr. Nimba Krushna Thakare (Former First VC, North Maharashtra Univeristy, Jalgaon)
Invited Member
8. Shri. Pradip Hiraji Bhadane
Invited Member
9. Dr. Anil Digambar Chaudhari
Invited Member
10. Shri. Vasantrao Onkar Ishi
Invited Member
11. Sau. Smita Sudhakar Salunkhe
Invited Member
12. Sau. Pratibhatai Shivajirao Chaudhari
Invited Member
13. Shri. Nanabhau Rajsinh Kor
Invited Member
14. Shri. Shekhar Ramdas Suryawanshi
Invited Member
15. Dr. Panjabrao Harchand Pawar (Principal)
16. Mrs. Vandana Sudhir Patil
Faculty Representative
17. Dr. Madhukar Dattu Mahanubhav
Faculty Representative
18. Dr. Prakash Khanderao Patil
Faculty Representative
19. Dr. Balasaheb Daulat Garud
Faculty Representative
20. Mr. Rajendra Bhatu Patil
Non-Teaching Staff Representative


Core Values

Code of Conduct

Principal’s Desk

Jai Hind Educational Trust’s Zulal Bhilajirao Patil College is envisaged as a destination for the hardworking, sincere and aspiring students since its inception in 1982. The College has created academic ambience vibrant and enjoyable. It keeps it's vision and mission in focus. It instills in students a sense of commitment and devotion to serve humanity. It inculcates values that prepares students for academic excellence through various ways of analytical thinking, work ethics, devotion and dedication. We nurture qualities like leadership, creativity, aesthetic sense, discipline, compassion, life skills and soft skills. We always try to groom personality of our students by organizing various co-curricular, extra curricular and sports activities. We wok for their multifaceted growth.

Devoted, dedicated, enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers are keen to facilitate the students to achieve highest standard of performance in each and every educational programme. We also try to create healthy environments for innovation and research. As a result our students top merit lists of University.

We try to maintain high academic standards on the global map of education and research by strengthening each and every aspect of the college. We aspire for a bright future with committed management, dedicated staff and hardworking, sincere students. Our transparent, ethical and conscientious image has won trust of all stakeholders.

It’s my humble request to all stakeholders, teaching, non-teaching staff, students, alumni and each and everyone to join us in our endeavor to nurture democracy, free intellectual inquiry, upliftment of the masses and contribute to create gender sensitivity, scientific, eco-friendly and healthy society.

Thank You!

Dr. Panjabrao Harchand Pawar

M.Sc., Ph.D. Electronics


Chairman's Desk


     It's my pleasure to welcome and introduce you to Jaihind Educational trust's Zulal Bhilajirao Patil College, Dhule. The College imparts quality education in Arts, Science and Commerce faculty since its inception in 1982. Everything starts with a strong foundation. The founder of the Institute Adv. Zulal Bhilajirao Patil the visionary, freedom fighter, educationist always inspires and encourages all of us and promotes to work for the betterment of society. Legacy which has left behind for the worthy of our students and future generations, motivates us to work together and creates work culture on the campus. We try to live up to the legacy. Core values of the institute have created its own brand known as 'Jai Hind Brand'.
The Concern for improvement of education has always been at the top of India’s development agenda since independence. We always try to follow the recommendations given by various National Education Commissions to increase access to and participation in education and improve quality education. We try to provide educational opportunities to all segments of society. We try to inculcate values like morality, equanimity, sympathy, compassion, aesthetic sense, truth, non-violence, spiritual development, noble embellishment, development of humanity, broad mindedness, honesty, devotion, respect, cooperation, integrity, democratic sense, equality and universal welfare to lead them towards a comprehensive development. We equip our students with study skills, life skills, soft skills to make them confident, responsible citizens of the country and the globe.
We always try to nurture students and provide them academic and inspiring ambience to groom their personality. We enable them to adopt to the changing ever globalizing traditions of acceptance of diversity of India’s heritage culture and history and promote social cohesion and religious amity, this helps to create an affectionate bond and rapport between teaching, non-teaching staff and students. We believe in smart work. Excellence in academics, extra curricular, cultural, sports activities of students always add feather in our cap.
We have highly qualified and dedicated staff, well equipped laboratories, rich library which facilitate teaching-learning process. We provide amenities like Internet facilities, auditorium, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Bank Counter, ATM Center, Well equipped ladies hostel.
I appeal all stake holders to be with us in our human and collective endeavor to serve humanity.
Thank You !   

Dr. Arun Zulalrao Salunkhe

(M.S., D.O.M.S., F.O.R.C.E)


Reaching Z. B. Patil College, Dhule

Dhule is located at 20.9°N 74.78°E. It has an average elevation of 250 metres above mean sea level. Dhule lies in the Khandesh region, which forms the northwest corner of the Deccan Plateau.

The Dhule district is bordered in the west by the Gujarat State and in the north by Madhya Pradesh along with Nandurbar district, and in the south and east by Nashik district and Jalgaon district respectively. It is situated in a valley of the Tapi River along the banks of the Panzara River. The Devi Ekveera (Goddess Ekveera) being regarded as a Gramadevata of the city and her temple is situated on the banks of the Panzara River.

How to Reach Dhule

Dhule Railway Station is connected to Chalisgaon Junction Railway Station under Central Railways. The Chalisgaon Dhule Passenger runs between the two stations four times a day. The train also carries reserved coaches for Mumbai and Pune, which are connected to another train from Chalisgaon onwards.

Dhule is one of the few cities in the Maharashtra State which is located on the junction of three National Highways, these being NH-3, NH-6 and NH-211. Through the Asian Highway project, portions of NH3 and NH6 passing through Dhule have been converted into numbered Asian Highways AH47 & AH46 respectively.


The nearest Airport is Aurangabad, 165 kms southwest of Dhule and Nashik 153 kms west of Dhule.



Dr. P. H. Pawar (M.Sc. Ph.D.)

Tel. 02562 - 222343 Fax. : 02562 - 220678

email : principal@jaihindcollege.ac.in

Vice Principals
Dr. A. A. Patil
Dr. Vidya R. Patil
Dr. C. N. Pagare
M.Sc. Ph.D.
M.A. Ph.D.
M.A. Ph. D.
Associate Professor and Head, Chemistry Department
Associate Professor and Head, Economics Department
Associate Professor and Head, Sociology Department

Collaborations and MoUs

  • Ford Foundation's Educational Resources Centre, New Delhi 1995-1998
  • Ford Foundation's Educational Resources Centre, New Delhi 1998-2001, Worked as lead college with five other colleges
  • Foundation for Excellence, USA
  • Indeea Asha sponsored by NRI, USA, Our Alumni
  • Space Application Centre,ISRo, Ahmedabad 2011-2014


  • Groundwater survey and Development Agency, Water Supply and Sanitation Development, Govt. Of Maharashtra, Mumbai, Signed on 2007, Renewed on August 2017.
  • Indian Institute of Geomagnetism, Panvel, Signed on 2010, Renewed on January 2017.
  • Marathi Vidnyan Parishad Dhule Division, Signed on 2013, Renewed on January 2018.

Awards and Appreciation


Name of the activity Name of the Award/ recognition  Name of the Awarding government/ recognized bodies Year of award 
Academic Audit "A" Grade North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon 2014-15 to 2016-17
  "Best College" North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon 2014-15 to 2016-17
Jagar Janivancha Abhiyan (जागर जाणिवांचा अभियान) District Level First Prize with Cash of Rs. 1,00,000/- Higher & Technical Education Department, Maharashtra 2014-15
Army Flag Fund Collection Appriciation Certificate District Army Welfare Offices, Dhule 2015-16
Maha Avayav Daan Abhiyan (महा अवयव दान अभियान) Appriciation Certificate Bhausaheb Hire Goverment Medical College, Dhule 2016-17
Swachh Maharashtra Abhiyan Appriciation Certificate Dhule Municipal Corporation, Dhule  2016-17



Departement Date Name of the Professor Designation Name of the Award, Fellowship recived from Government recognised body
Physics 15-08-12 Dr. Ahire Dodha Vedu Associate Professor Best Teacher Award
Physics 07-10-12 Dr. Patil Sunil Sahebrao Associate Professor 3rd prize for best paper presentation in National Conference
Electronics 07-10-12 Dr. Shitole Sharada Jayvantrao V.P.&HOD,Associate Prof.  1st prize for best paper presentation in National Conference
Physics 02-02-13 Dr. Ahire Dodha Vedu Associate Professor 3rd prize for best poster presentation in National Seminar
Chemistry 07-02-13 Mr. Girase Pravinsing Sardarsing Associate Professor 2nd prize for poster presentation in National Seminar
Chemistry 11-03-13 Dr. Patil Ashok Anandrao Associate Professor 1st prize for poster presentation in National Conference
Chemistry 11-03-13 Dr. Jadhav Vilas Bhaskar Associate Professor 1st prize for poster presentation in National Conference
Political Science 01-08-13 Dr. More Surendra Ambar Head & Associate Professor Excellent Research Paper award
Chemistry 07-08-14 Dr. Rajput Ambarsing Pratapsing Associate Professor Best Teacher Award
Microbiology 05-12-14 Dr. Shelar Rajendra Dharmaji Associate Professor GSBG International Conference Best paper presentation
Electronics 15-08-15 Dr. Pawar Panjabrao Harchand Principal Best Principal Award
Psychology 22-08-15 Dr. Khalane Shashikant Hari Assistant Professor 1st prize for paper presentation at marathi manasshastra parishad.
Hindi 23-01-16 DR. Varma Mrudula Sumansauraba Assistant Professor National level- Kakasaheb Kalelkar Shiksha Sanman, 
Chemistry 14-12-16 Dr. Chaudhari Bhatu Rangrao V.P.&Associate Prof.  Best poster presentation in International Conference
Chemistry 24-12-16 Dr. Chaudhari Bhatu Rangrao V.P.&Associate Prof.  1st prize for poster presentation in National Conference
Chemistry 24-12-16 Mr. Jain Pritesh Ramesh Assistant Professor 3rd Prize for poster presentation in National Conference
Chemistry 12-08-17 Dr. Chaudhari Bhatu Rangrao V.P.&Associate Prof.  Best Teacher Award (for the Academic Year 2016-17)


Name Class Year Award
Ms. Madhuri Bhabad SYBA 2013-14 Bronze medal in taekwondo tournament at Sathyabhama university, Chennai .
Ms. Pradnya Joshi FYBSc 2015-16 ‘Yuwa Bhushan’ award at the hands of Mrs. Jaya Bacchan at Mumbai.


  • Campus Diversity Initiative Project, Through Ford Foundation USA Phase - I( 1995-1998) National Integration Camps, Conferences, Workshops Student Exchange Programmes Students and Faculty Development Programmes Foundation Courses
  • Ford Foundation's Partnership Grant Phase - II(1998-2001) Jaihind College as nodal center Partnership with Colleges - -Minority H. J. Thim College, Jalgaon -Professional S.S.V.P.S. Engineering College, Dhule -Women's Mahila Mahavidyalay, Nandurbar. -Tribal Art Science and Commerce college, Navapur. Arts Commerce College, Dhadgaon
  • Pathways Project, Through Foundation for Academic Excellence and Access, New Delhi(2001-2007) FAEA Scholarships Target Group Workshops on Study Skills and Life Skills Tribal Students Development Cell Career and Placement Cell Faculty Development
  • Collaborative Diversity Research Projects through ERC,New Delhi(2004-05) Women Leaders in Panchayat Raj, Man and Environment
  • College with Potential for Excellence. UGC New Delhi-Phase I (2006) Star Departments - Physics, Botany, Geology and Languages. Library Automation and upgradation, Computer Center, Virtual Classroom, Internet Services, Faculty Development, Software upgradation and maintenance, Consumables and materials.
  • College with Potential for Excellence. UGC New Delhi-Phase II (2011) Star Departments - Physics, Botany, Geology, Microbiology, Electronics, Chemistry and Languages, Library Automation and upgradation, Computer Center, Internet Services, Faculty Development, Software upgradation and maintenance, Consumables and materials.

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